Real-Time Scam protection!
Remove (hidden) fake profiles from your Facebook
Join 60,000+ Facebook users who get real-time protection and detect fake profiles every day.
FakeOFF will never post on your behalf to your social network
For Singles
If you find yourself adding new friends often, you'd be surprised how many of them are fake. With FakeOFF, you can target those fake friends and choose what to do with them.
For Parents
As parents, we want our children to be always safe, but we can't control their online activity al all times. With FakeOFF, you can protect them in real-time from fake profiles and scams that are hidden among their friends.
For Everyone
Online scams come in many forms, many of them can put your life in danger. No one wants to connect with scammers and think they are new friends.
Why is that so important
Fake profiles look very real to the untrained eye. They post, chat and upload photos almost as if they were real friends, but for completely different reasons; They can be clever ads, social-media savvy burglars, sex offenders, psychopaths and more...
Select Suspects
Build a list of suspects for investigation
Our algorithm analyzes the suspect information
Get Results
Get detailed results about your suspects with a 1-10 score
Real-Time Protection
Get alerts and notifications on new suspects in your friends list
Image Fraud Scan
See if your suspect is using someone else's photos
Private Usage
Everything you do on FakeOFF is for your eyes only
Get Real-Time Protection
FakeOFF will never post on your behalf on your social network
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